Blogging For Beginners

For most people who are looking for blogging for beginners, the first question really is – “What Is Blogging?”

A blog is a frequently online updated personal journal or diary. It is a place where you can express yourself to the world, a place to share your thoughts and passions. It can be anything you want it to be, from describing your wardrobe to cooking tips.

A blogger is a person who writes and posts blogs online. They are typically subject matter experts or someone who has an interesting view in a certain field. A blogger blogs, that means they frequently write blog articles to draw more readers and to attract a community that shares the same interests. Blog writers also use a blog hosting site where they can regularly post their blog articles for a certain niche or topic.

How to Be a Successful Blogger

  • Find your Niche

To be a successful blogger, you first need to find your unique niche. A niche is a field or an area that you have a wide knowledge on and also a huge passion in, there is not fun to be found in writing about something you are not interested in. Niches can be all sorts of varied interests, likes, hobbies, or just what you enjoy talking about. When you blog, you share with your reader’s something important or a view on that particular topic. If your blog is successful you can easily draw more readers to follow your blogs, and they will be looking forward to read even more blog posts.

Blogging for beginners


  • Look for a Blog Hosting Site

Once you’ve decided on your niche or what it is you want to blog about, the next step will involve looking for a blog hosting site. This is the site where you will be uploading your blogs. You can choose a free blog hosting site or one with a paid membership. Your choice will depend on your personal preference to the the features offered by the hosting site. You can check other people’s blogs to see the sites they use and the features available and if they will work for you or not. If you need a blog with many unique features, a paid hosting site will be the best for your blog. You can start free and upgrade later, blogging has only one real expense in the early stages and that is your time.


  • Start Blogging

When all the technical details of your blog are set (see this post about getting that sorted out), you are ready very quickly to start writing your blogs. You can now put into writing all the things that interest you or something that you would like to share with others. You can make it as informative, interesting, quirky or as fun as you wish. Blogs are not necessarily detailed guides from industry experts (but they can be) you might just want to write your opinion, reactions, and comments on current events and so on. The best thing about blogging is that you have the freedom to express yourself and become a channel of information to others.


  • Blog Regularly

Building your reputation as a blogger will take time, patience and effort as with most things. For you to attract more readers or to have your community that follows your blog, you have to post blog articles regularly. This will encourage regular readers who are looking forward to your blog posts.


  • Promote your blog

Bloggers who are monetizing their websites are using blogs to attract more visitors and leads. Promoting your blogs among your friends, acquaintances, and to your community will help you gain active followers. They could also help you to promote your blogs among their social networks. Ask people to share interesting posts on their Facebook and other social accounts, this is great way to get started.

Blogging For Fun And Profit

Some of you will just want a voice online, I get that totally. To talk about what interests you and to connect with other people with the same interests. Blogging can create an awesome sense of community and when you get new readers engaging with your bogs, its fun and rewarding. You do not have to monetize your blog at all, you can do it as a hobby or maybe to show your expertise. A lot of bloggers have full or part-time jobs and they use it to show their skills and knowledge.

Other people want to become professional bloggers and that’s cool too. You can blog for other people (that’s what I do, I’m a freelance blogger) or you can write on your own blog and find ways to monetize that. More on that below.


Tips To Make a Successful Business Blog

  • Google research, see what is popular and decide on profitable niches e.g. money online, fitness and health supplements, personal development, relationships, etc. (This whole process should take you 30 minutes max – without distractions)
  • Create a monetization strategy e.g. affiliate marketing, product creation, and sales, training, mini importation, drop shipping, affiliate marketing, consultation, etc. (It should take you 20 minutes or so to check these out and make a decision on what to start with. It’s okay to combine.)
  • Create content BASED on your monetization strategy. Stick to your niche. (Googling on content creation, getting seed keywords and doing keyword research for your first 20 posts should take you an hour or so. Creating the content will take a few days.)
  • Market heavily. With some phenomenal articles on your site, market heavily. This includes SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, ads, etc. (This is an ongoing process that should never stop).


Many people think that once they start posting contents on their blogs, they will automatically go viral. Blogs need a lot of patience, do not give up within the first few days of starting. With time people will start noticing your content, and this will promote more likes on your blog page.

Check out this super quick and helpful video – some great blogging tips included.



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