How to Make a Great Blog Post

So you’ve decided to create a blog post and you now have a completely blank page and a blinking cursor and you have absolutely no idea what to write and where to begin. We’ve all been there. Writing the first sentence and always ends up pressing the backspace button until you find yourself with a blank page again.

It’s time-consuming and terrifying getting out fresh contents to the internet community. People might judge your work and the words that you use. They might take it in a positive way, negative way, or they might have no response at all.

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The Fear of Not Writing Anything

The fear often makes us uneasy so we keep writing sentences and ends up having a blank page over and over again. This steals your creativity and this is when we often find ourselves staring at the screen thinking if we should publish something or just do it the next day.

In order to overcome this, we are going to look at some techniques in order to come up with blog post ideas even when you feel like you can’t write anything at all.


Keep a Record of Ideas that Come to Your Mind

Inspiration is something we can rarely predict, it can come any time of the day and in any situation you are in. For this reason, it is good to keep a file or a document consisting of a list of ideas that come to your mind. Keep this file in a place where you can easily access it. When an idea pop up, get your file and write it down.


Get Ideas from Others

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One good way of having a blog post idea is to read blogs of other people with the same topic as yours. Make it a habit to read posts each and everyday and don’t be afraid to take ideas from those posts which are obviously working for other people. There’s a whole lot of things that you can learn from other bloggers.


Ask Your Audience

You know you are an efficient blogger if you allow ideas to come to you and not just look for it. You can get ideas by reading at your comments section or replies from social media or even just listening when people talk about something. Ask your readers to tell you what they would like you to write about and give it to them. Sounds simple but not all people apply it.


Go Through the Internet

It’s not only you that runs out of ideas to write. There are many more like you who have gone through it and have overcame it. Try to search the internet for new inspirations that might spark that creativity again inside your brain.


Consider Your Viral Content

If you have a content that has been viral before, consider writing a topic similar to it and see how the crowd might respond because most likely, they will respond to it the same way as they responded to the other post, as long as it’s not repeated too often.


Check the Trends

There are a lot of tools that you can use to find out “what’s in” or “what’s hot” right now. A very good way of writing a content is by knowing what most people are searching for and reading on the internet.


Tell Your Story

One of the best type of posts is one that tells a story. Consider writing a content with your story in it. It can be just a certain season of your life or it can even be when you have absolutely no idea what to write. Anything that will tell a story. They can also e useful in building trust to your audience. The more they know you, the more they feel closer to you, the more they’ll support your works.


Write a Guide

Consider writing a blog post that is linked to more blog posts in your website. Go through your old posts, group them and order them according to relevance so that when readers visit that one blog posts, they will be led to more blog posts thus providing them with more content to read.


Train Yourself to Gather Ideas

Coming up with an idea for a blog post involves a muscle that needs constant exercises. The more often you gather ideas, the stronger your idea muscle will become. Try to come up with new ideas every single day and soon you will start to notice that it will become more natural.

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