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You want to use Blogger website to start your first blog but are not sure how to do it. Actually, it is pretty simple and once it is done, you can start writing your posts. Blogger is a neat platform that allows you to create interesting blogs for readers. You can create and manage multiple blogs with this platform and it is also free.

Blogger also has several neat templates of a variety of designs. With Blogger you can share your posts through social media outlets such as Pinterest and Google Plus.




Here is how to create a Blogger blog:


The Basics

Start by going to the “Create Your Blog Now” section on the Blogger website, and then create a Google if you don’t currently have one. Once you do this you would select a name for your blog. The next step is to choose the template you want, and you’re ready to blog. Finally, you would click on New Post section on Blogger, type the title of your post, and write your content. When you’re done click Publish.


Bring On the Promotion Buttons

Once you set up your first blog and wrote a few great posts, it is time to promote your work. One of the best ways to do this is by adding promotion buttons for readers to post your blog content to social media sites such as StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Pinterest. This boost more interest in your posts.




Feel Free to Change Your Template

In the process of maintaining your blog, you might decide to change your template. It is good to do this every few months because it keeps your site looking fresh. Although Blogger offers numerous template options, you can use your own templates. Start by clicking the Template section on the Blogger site then go to Backup/Restore. After this, you would click on Choose File to select a template that was saved on your computer. Look for your XML file then upload the template. Now you have a new template for the blog.


Monetizing Your Blogger Site

So you’ve been blogging for a few weeks and now you want to get started with monetization.If you produce entertaining and consistent posts, you lay the foundation for earning income from your blog. Another way to break into monetization is affiliate marketing. You sign up with an affiliate company and advertise certain products on your blog. When customers click and purchase the products, you get part of the profits. Other ideas include selling your own items on the blog, doing paid product reviews and offering online courses or webinars for a fee.



Maintain Your Inspiration

At times during the blogging process, you might grow bored and out of ideas for posts. This is when you will need new inspiration. Attend some local events and use those experiences to write posts. Take a trip to a new city and document your experiences on the blog. This keeps your work interesting. With these steps, you will do well with your Blogger site.

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