Who are we?

Hi and welcome! I am Suzie and I’m so glad you are here. I have always been curious to apply new and crazy things that can upgrade and renovate my sweet home. After I got married, my partner and I shifted to a new place of our own, and couldn’t wait to start the decor work. I went around the whole city looking for everything I needed. I always kept a journal of everything that I enjoyed doing and home decor is one of the main parts. When I go back and read my journal, I had the idea to discuss it with my dear friend Lola. And we were in sync talking and discussing which led to this blog, where we share all the ideas. I hope you have a fun time applying the ideas to your home.

Suzie Williams

Lola Simons

Hi, I am Lola and I am sure you wonder how it all started. I had never considered much about organizing the home for comfort until I got married and had kids of my own. It was all very chaotic and confusing at first. But eventually, I discovered organizing and then reorganizing the same things again would just not be enough. Spending days talking and discussing with my childhood friend Suzie, it appeared to me that we should come up with innovative ways to keep the house well-organized and at the same time comfy. I started this blog to share some important ideas that can make a better home. A place to live in comfort.