Who are we?

Hey there! I’m Suzie and welcome to Blog Guilt Free. I initially created this blog as a way to just chit-chat about my life with no real direction for where it was headed. It was a way for me to pass time as a student and have a creative outlet really. I used to post quite regularly but once life got more serious, i.e. starting a new job and meeting my partner, Luke, it took a back seat in my list of priorities. However, I was itching to get back into it whenever I could.

After I got married, my partner and I move to our new place, and couldn’t wait to start the decor work. Although we had no real experience or talent for it, it was an enjoyable process to turn this shell of a house into a home we would enjoy. Getting back into some sort of creative process inspired me to kick start my blog again completely. Now, I’ve decided to make my articles somewhat more useful, rather than just about me and my life. So, whilst the name Blog Guilt Free remains the same, it’s focus is now on home life, interior design and other general articles that might spring to mind.

Suzie Williams

Owner & Home Blogger

Lola Simons

Co-Writer – Lifestyle Blogger

Hi, I am Lola and I’m a co-writer on Blog Guilt Free. This blog initially started as Suzie’s baby, but as her blog started to gain some traction, we decided to collaborate our ideas and create a useful space for people to visit.

So a little bit about me – I work as a teaching assistant in my local primary school, with a focus on children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). My job is really rewarding and I even started writing a blog myself, similar to Suzie, talking about my job and my life. I enjoyed the blogging side of it all, but I wanted to focus on something more constructive and write content that had a solid purpose, with the intention of blogging regularly on the side. I write the vast majority of the content related to lifestyle and technology, and Suzie tends to focus more on the Home-related side of things.

We both really hope you enjoy the content we have on offer, and we are always open to any suggestions to improve the content on our site.