How to Control Flea at Home?

When you own pets, it’s essential to keep your home pest-free as these little buggers love furry animals and can cause serious health issues in them. That is why flea control is important as it can not only keep your pet healthy but also ensure that your home is protected.

What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny, black, wingless pesky parasites found in all sorts of animals, including humans. They aren’t just limited to pets, though, and can often be found in yards, parks, and fields. They prefer to live in warm, moist environments, all of which are often provided by animals’ bodies. Usually, they feed on the blood of animals– they consume the blood when animals lick flea saliva off their skin.

As said earlier, these pests, which are difficult to notice, have a tendency to infect your pet, as well as your home. Hence, getting in touch with a pest exterminator like the ones at (they are known to offer Terminix Pest Control Plan, which can prove to be effective regarding these issues) could be the best way to get rid of them instantly.

Tips for Eliminating Fleas

Vacuum all Carpets and Rugs

Fleas are a nuisance that often appear at the base of carpeting and upholstered furniture and bury their heads or make their way to the underside of carpets to lurk. To rid your home of them, you must first vacuum all carpets and rugs. By doing this regularly, you will be able to remove existing fleas and ticks, as well as prevent new ones from entering your home from pets and other animals. If you are still not able to get rid of them from your carpets, consider taking the help of professional cleaners. Look for a firm that offers Encapsulation-Carpet-Cleaning services in your area. These firms can clean your carpets and rugs with an excellent encap product that can help them get rid of fleas and stay cleaner for a longer time too.

Wash all Bedding and Clothes

While the parasites are tiny in size, they can still cause itchy red bites in your dog. These bites can be irritating, so you should take measures to get rid of them. An effective way of getting rid of them is by using flea shampoo or spray. Besides this, it is really important to keep the interiors of your house clean, especially your linen. You should wash all your bedding and clothes since fleas are attracted by dirt, sweat, and other oils.

Spray Flea repellent

Now that you have cleaned all the surfaces that could be potential breeding grounds for fleas, the next step demands spraying something potent that can lead them to a stage of extinction, at least from your house. Buy a flea repellent, maybe from a site similar to, and make way for a healthier home. Also, make sure to read the contents of the spray well before purchasing, especially if you have pets at home.

Clear out Junk

As said earlier, these insects are attracted to dirt. This means that you need to be really tidy, not only with respect to your personal hygiene but also to your pets’. So, apart from vacuuming and washing your furry friends’ bedding, rugs, and carpets, you also need to clean up any clutter or excess junk around your home. For that, you can also call a junk removal company near you who could do the same in the blink of an eye.

Care for your Pets

Fleas are an annoying pest that your pets can pick up from a number of different places, including other dogs, cats, and even wild animals. But just because your dog has fleas doesn’t mean you have to disown them or abandon them, All you need to do is find an effective method to get rid of the parasites. However, if you think that you alone can no more handle the situation, consider consulting with a vet who could provide you with useful information to get rid of these creatures living with them. Flea and tick infestation in dogs could lead to serious health issues and it is essential that you try to get rid of them by using tick spray for dogs or cats. Considering that one pet has fleas, it would just be a matter of time before it spreads to others as well. Therefore, getting rid of ticks and fleas at the earliest could save you from the unpleasantness that could follow.

Remember that your canine friends need your love and support during such a time. Hence, it would not be wise to leave them unattended or uncared for. As said earlier, they need to be thoroughly cleaned and kept sanitized.

Fleas can cause disease, and they carry tapeworms that can be passed on to humans. Therefore, flea control could be the best way to eliminate and prevent them from making your house a breeding ground.

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