Men’s Fashion Trends for 2022

Fashion is no longer just about women, as more and more men are taking their fashion cues from women. The fashion business is now worth over 1.5 trillion dollars a year, and men’s fashion is a booming industry in its own right. To help men stay current on fashion trends, Top Man Magazine has released a list of the top 100 fashion predictions for 2022.

For some men, fashion and style comes down to personal preference. That’s great but knowing what’s in and what works is important for the rest of us. This is simply because one man’s outfit might not suit another, especially when you take stature and physique into consideration. Take clothes for tall skinny guys for instance; it might be difficult to find the right outfits to make them look their best. Similarly, short and broad-built men might face difficulties picking outfits too.

But this year will be a big one for menswear, and knowing what’s in will help keep you on-trend. Trends for 2022 include cropped pants, a renewed interest in all things sportswear, and more colour overall.

Heavy Chains

Most men hate to wear jewellery, but that’s about to change in 2022. The 2020s will see men begin to embrace heavier jewellery, more in line with the Fifties style. High-end costume jewellery from designers such as Bulgari and Versace will be worn around the neck. Expect chains to be big; the thicker and heavier, the better. Chains made from materials such as bronze, brass, and titanium will be especially popular. Think chunky, chunky, chunky.

Flared Trousers

Flared trousers are the trousers of the moment for 2022. Men favour flared trousers because they add width to the legs and slim the waistline. The flared trousers are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. They are perfect for covering up the tummy. Flared trousers are ideal for more formal occasions.

Varsity Jackets

Ah, the varsity jacket. The jacket was so closely associated with Ivy League students, sports teams, and fashion-forward dudes in the ’90s. It’s back with a vengeance. From old-school football jerseys to camo designs, varsity jackets are a cool fashion statement you can wear with almost anything. Plus, with the availability of stores like SGS and others that let you customize jerseys with your name and number on them, they’re becoming more popular than ever.

Full-Placket Polos

You might not think polos are in style anymore, but that’s about to change. For 2022, full-placket polos are set to take the spotlight, and every man should have at least one in his closet.

Tweed Suits

Tweed suits have remained a fashion staple for both men and women for centuries, thanks to their timeless appeal and versatile nature. The popularity of the tweed suit has only increased in recent years, thanks in part to the hit TV show Peaky Blinders, which features characters dressed in impeccably tailored suits. The show has certainly contributed to the resurgence of interest in this iconic style, and tweed suits have become a symbol of sophistication, elegance, and classic British style.


If you think Balaclavas are cool now, just wait for more daring fashion designers to get into the trend. You can expect to see celebrities all over the place dressed in the most outlandish Balaclavas, with colours that resemble the Northern Lights or ones that offer protection from harmful UV rays.

Strong Collars

Look for men’s fashion trends for 2022 that incorporate the polo shirt, perhaps with a bright hue or with a collar and cuffs that stand out. To complete your look, throw in your favourite pair of men’s chinos, and treat it as your casual business casual look-a thing of beauty.


Sunglasses are not just for protecting your eyes from the sun anymore. It has become a bold fashion statement for men. With so many choices available, including pieces from reputable brands like these Ray Ban Sunglasses for Men at Sunglasses Hub (or similar websites), men now have a diverse range of options to showcase their fashion sensibilities. Whether it’s classic aviators, trendy wayfarers, or sporty designs, there’s a perfect pair to suit every personality and occasion. Don’t be afraid to have some fun and stand out with your sunglasses this year!


Vests come in a variety of styles and designs, but the main distinguishing feature is that they have little or no sleeves. Colour options will be limited, with white, black, and grey being the most popular.

Waffle Knit Thermals

Waffle knit thermals are making a super stylish comeback, and the weather’s never been better for them. This cool, casual fabric is super soft, warm, and lightweight. And one of its biggest selling points is that you can wear it all year round, regardless of temperature.

The key trends for men’s fashion next year will feature smart fabrics and tailoring, clean lines, and a sense of utility and usefulness. Men will embrace this idea of active dressing, both in casual and formal settings and in professional environments as well.

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