Temporary Upgrades You Can Make to Your Rental Home

Renters can drastically cut costs by making a few simple changes to their rental homes. Whether you’re planning to stay in a rental home for a couple of months or a few years, certain improvements are almost always worth looking into. One of the best and easiest upgrades for a renter is swapping out the light switches and outlets with DIY options. There are a few household items that make replacing the light switches and outlets so easy. Here are some of the most important upgrades renters can make to help save money and add to their home’s curb appeal.

Tips on How to Upgrade Your Rental Home

Hang bamboo blinds

Although bamboo blinds are affordable, they are also incredibly eco-friendly. Bamboo is a fast-growing tropical grass that is both renewable and eco-friendly, meaning that you can use it to create a beautiful and green home without breaking the bank. Made from honeycomb-shaped bamboo, the blinds are available in a wide variety of styles and colours. The bamboo element is not just for looks as it is also extremely strong, durable, and environmentally friendly.

Swap out cabinet knobs

If you’re tired of the same old cabinet knobs and latches, you can change them up without having to replace the entire cabinet. If you have an old cabinet that you’re tired of, you can open up the doors, remove the knobs, and put on different types of handles. You can also add crystal knobs to the cabinet, which will be very expensive but will make the cabinet look very elegant and upscale.

Add awnings to the windows

Awnings not only provide shade and protection from the elements but also enhance the visual appeal of your home’s exterior. By getting in touch with a company that provides retractable awnings in Edmonton or wherever you live, you can have them installed in your home and enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the amount of sunlight and shade entering your living space. They can be easily removed as well, making them an ideal choice for renters.

Get a new shower head

When it comes to your bathroom, it’s not only about the look but also the functionality. Many renters neglect to think about the small details, like a showerhead, which can set the tone for a good or bad vacation. It is important to remember, though, that it’s not always about the tip; the design and the quality count too. The end objective is performance!

Paint the walls

Painting the walls is like painting the sky. We don’t know what colour it is, but we know it’s bright, and we know that a lot of people think it’s pretty. So, we paint it that colour, and we know it’s pretty. Then we see something even brighter in our friend’s home, or we see the colour in a movie or a magazine-or maybe we just see the colour in a room that we like. The colour of our homes can influence our mood and make us feel good. So, what colour should we paint our walls? Perhaps bright green or yellow! That said, while painting the rooms can sound like an exciting plan, it comes with its own set of challenges, to tackle which, you would need to learn about the different techniques of wall painting. Otherwise, chances are that you would end up with an unevenly smudged wall. Besides this, you also need to learn about the tools and equipment that would be necessary for the process– ladders, perhaps even something like one of these lifts for bigger jobs, as well as paint brushes, safety hats, and protective eyewear are some of them!

Landscape the Backyard

If your rental property has a small backyard, there are several ways to enhance it with greenery. Consider incorporating low-maintenance plants, such as aloe vera, sedum, and echeveria; utilizing landscaping stones from Wicki Wholesale Stone, Inc. (and the like) for creating a beautiful backyard walkway; and even adding an affordable fountain to enhance the overall aesthetics of the area.

Hang art without framing it

When it comes to framing your pictures, there are a few different ways to go about it. You could go to a store and buy some nice wooden frames and hang them in your house. But with today’s modern technology, this is not actually all that easy to do. It can get pretty expensive since these stores can be pretty pricey. But as an alternative, you can find a bunch of really cool frames online that are pre-hung and ready to go. With a little bit of elbow grease, you can install these frames in your house. All you have to do is hang them.

Enroll for oil delivery
Learn why you should enroll for heating or cooking oil delivery and you would know the numerous benefits. To brief you about it a little, besides bringing down the regular fuel cost, it would also take away your stress of keeping a check on the fuel stock.

Rental properties can be great investments, but they are also a hassle to maintain. If you’re thinking of going the buy-and-hold route, you can make it easier to handle by upgrading your property with a few simple temporary decorations.

This article is part of a series that will show you how to renovate your rental home with beautiful improvements that are quick and easy. It can also show you how to improve the design of your dining room so that you can add a nice touch to your rental home.

Nothing ruins a vacation more than having to go back to a rented home and find that you’re living in a less than ideal situation. Whether it’s the bathroom amenities or the d├ęcor, you want to make sure your rental home is as homey as possible. Luckily, you can find ways to update your rental home, so you’re not stuck staying in a place that’s a downgrade.

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